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How we started.

Founded by Dr. Tony Alessandra and Brandon Parker. Separated by 30 years of life experience, the New Yorker got paired up with the California kid. This unlikely match was a result of a wrong turn, a random airline flight, sitting next to the right person, the confidence of a 22-year-old junior programmer, and Tony’s intuition to trust. Tony had a vision and Brandon had the technical skills. This was the recipe for the beginning days of Assessments 24×7 over two decades ago.

Then Tony met Lisa and introduced her to Brandon and years later they all partnered. Driven by a bold vision for the company, and new products for the industry, together with Team Assessments24x7, they’ve become unstoppable. 

Meet the Assessments Family


CEO, Managing partner

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Raising the bar.
Leading by example.

Scientifically Validated by a Trusted 3rd Party

Independent validity, reliability, and disparate impact reporting that meets APA, EEOC, AERA, and NCME standards for excellence and professional compliance.

The Assessment Standards Institute (ASI) reports the overwhelming majority of assessments sold today lack the studies & reporting to verify their accuracy and fairness. Of the small minority which does claim this reporting, most of those were conducted privately – not openly by an objective and qualified third party. 

Our goal? To ensure the confidence and trust of both members and end-users alike, by providing the most scientifically accurate and compliant assessments available today on a white-labeled state-of-the-art technology platform.